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Cyops is committed to the cyber operational needs of the SMB market. Here you will find current projects under development, including resources and R&D.


Access and Auth

Internal, External, and 3rd party

Employee Tools

HRM, CRM, Training, and Tools

Web Development

Website, Web Apps, Maintenence and more

Monitoring and Reports

Better data = Better decisions

Privacy and Security

Best practice, Vulnerability scans, Threat Surface

Project Management

Integrations, Collaborations, Deliverables


Advice, Design, Perspective, and Insights can be more valuable than you think.

Our current project.

Business Studio

An interactive tool to help businesses get on track and stay on track.

Mobile friendly digestion

We designed the interactions to be small and allow incompletions. So when you have a minute or two you can continue, or skip around. All of those minutes will add up before you know it.

Generate Documents, Upload, share, and preview.

With a focus on State requirements, compliance, and recommendations by industry, and business model.

Pricing based on Resources, not per person, or per month.

We don't limit or hide the good stuff.

Product Mail

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Product UI

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Our happy customer

I did not realize just how out of date me and my Company were. We are now more efficient, more secure, and more confident. We decided on an SLA. Now I am definitely sleeping better at night, and you cannot put a price on that.

Mid Market


As a small business owner it was easy to view outsourced help, as overkill. i wanted to streamline our day to day activities, but anything custom was obviously not in the budget. As it turns out there are a lot of free and open source tools out there.

Cold Calls and Email


My wife and I have a small successful business. We contacted Cyops because of a friends recommendation. Our Agent wanted to rebuild most of our Company from the ground up. Obviously we were very reluctant. I'm proud to say it's been 5 years and we have no regrets.

Client Management


We were the victims of hackers. Then our business was broken into. We felt like giving up, and didn't even know were to start. Our Agent went above and beyond. He fought with vendors, identified issues, made a plan, and followed through.

Multiple Retail Locations

Service Industry